Scott Street Bridge, Wincolmlee, Hull – May 2011

April 23, 2014

Scott Street Bridge, (only the east bank sketched here), now fixed in its raised position permanently, but still a landmark image on the river sides of the Hull.

Scott Street BridgeBuilt in 1901, is what’s known as a double bascule bridge (bascule is the French word for SeeSaw or Balance), of the type most famously seen at Tower Bridge, London.

The bridge is now permanently raised and has been since 1994, as the structure is too weak to carry traffic, having gradually deteriorated (it is 110 years old) by the mid to late 1980′s. However, the bridge, bridgemasters hut, railings and lamps were Grade II listed following its closure.

“A public consultation had been held in 1986, to determine its future. By that time a 10-ton weight limit had been set on traffic crossing the bridge, because of its poor state. Several suggestions were made as to its future. These were to close and demolish it; to refurbish it (at an estimated cost of £1.6 million); and to build a new bridge on the same site (which was costed at £2 million)”.*

Unsurprisingly, none of these actions have been taken… and I guess that just leaves (no pun intended) us with a curious landmark, a palimpsest of tagging and unitelligable graffiti, over a rusting frame… the home it seems to a large community of pigeons.

The day I was drawing this, I had my guitar with me, but it was still in its carry case, I could hear someone, across the water playing there own and singing, maybe on a break… just then one of the large petrol barges passed close by and the guy on deck looked up, and like a kid I found myself raising my hand to wave… he waved back and got on with whatever it was he was doing… I felt about 8 years old… but still pretty good.

Turn 180 degrees from this view and you’ll find this industrial walkway over the road…

Scan 129


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