St. Patrick’s Church, Spring Street, Hull – September 2011

May 26, 2015

The small octagonal tower with domed bellcote of St. Patrick’s Neo-Norman Roman Catholic Church, Spring street, Hull. – to be fair I just loved the scaffolding and ladders –  Sketch in biro, later digitally coloured.

Spring Street Church - Hull x


The Church on Spring Street had caught my eye way back on the way home from shopping, and I promised myself I’d get back and draw it, which I did this lunchtime… I threw some colour on in Photoshop just now from memory…

The church is just off Spring Bank, opposite the waste ground close to the Old Hull Truck… Yeah… the one with that excellent tree in the middle of it…

The building was designed circa 1905,with later additions c.1912, by Brodrick (there’s that name again), Lowther & Walker of Hull, who designed several buildings in and around Land of Green Ginger, Lowgate and Scale Lane.

I had (for Thought Bubble a couple of years back) overlaid a Paul Madonna style/inspired narrative onto this image and then printed a set of postcards of it.

Scan 7

The original sketch was done in black biro,

Scan 8

…whilst out with Btec students on their first ever observational drawing trip outside.

Students hanging out

I ran off a couple of other scrappy sketches and caught some of the students digging in and having a go.

Scan 5

…this last image of the Star & Garter on Portland Street (below) had potential, but time constraints meant I had to leave it, I’d like to go back and do it justice at some point.

Scan 6



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