Drawn from outside the National Media Museum…


Zell, Germany – August 2016

September 22, 2016


The church in the main square in Zell, drawn just as the sun began to set…


The Tower overlooking Zell, drawn by night…


Grapes growing in the Garden opposite The Yellow House in Merl, Germany…


The guest house owned by Samantha were we stayed in Merl on the Mosel.


More Grapes… Sarah, Kate and Gene drinking wine in the garden opposite The Yellow House.


Sarah relaxing upstairs in The Yellow House.

Manchester Airport, waiting to head out to Heerlen… I like how this image still hangs together despite the large plane in the foreground not being there by the time I finished drawing.

Manchester Airport 002

…and on the way back, at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands.

x Scan 1

More from gate D6, Schiphol… people waiting, and crazy vehicle shapes.

x Scan 2

…and on the plane home.

x Scan 34

Then the cycle just starts again, and it’s back out to Manchester airport again… this time waiting for the plane to Lisbon.

Manchester Airport 001


…So, over Easter Sarah and I managed to get away thanks to our friends dragging us/driving us across the water (laughs) and we had a fantastic short holiday in and around Merl and Zell on the Mosel in Germany, Sarah and I’s first holiday abroad.

x Untitled-3…this rough doodle of the approach to Zell, walking from Merl.

I still snuck some sketching in mind, the place was beautiful and full of great looking architecture set against the fantastic landscape* of this wine making region (the Mosel).

*imagine a scaled up pennine valley without any of the industrial blots on the landscape and instead picturesque collections of spires of all shapes and sizes, dominating Disney/Medieval style pitched roofs and shuttered windows.

x Scan 9

None of my drawings will really do it justice, but it was fun trying to capture the scale and the relative antiquity of the views… above, looking across the Mosel River from Zell.

x Scan 10

Marianburg (above), was a convent, now a hostel(?) perched high above the steep vineyards that covered the the hillsides… Drawn from outside a little restaurant in Punderich.

x Scan 13

Whilst this pencil sketch (above) was done from the window of our guesthouse window in a little village called Merl.

x Scan 32

Above the ruins of the Grevenburg (built around 1350, destroyed following several sieges, in 1734) overlooking the cafe we ate at in Traben-Trarbach.

x Scan 16

There was a whole bunch of Castles of varying structural integrity along the river… one of my favourites was Castle Metternich at Beilstein. This view (above) looks down onto the town and the Mosel (Moselle) from the base of the castle…

x Scan 17

Looking back up from the river side you can see the Old Tollhouse and how the castle dominates the hillside and the surrounding area…

We caught a boat from Beilstein to Cochem… the sketch below was done from the riverside looking up a steep escarpment with fortifications that seemed to have tumbled down the slope over time…

x Scan 15

Its only when yo go further down the riverside and look back that you really get a sense of how high that building is on from the previous drawing, and why my neck ached so much whilst drawing it.

x Scan 20

Below the hillside, the town centre seemed dominated by the huge tower and dome of St Martin’s Catholic Church…

x Scan 21

The doorway just above the notes in the sketch leads to a great little cellar restaurant (the Rathaus) where we ate… highly recommended.

x Scan 18

On our last day I managed to get a few more drawings finished… this modest little sketch in Merl (just along from the guesthouse) showing the decorated fronts of the houses so typical of the area…

x Scan 28

And finally this drawing of one of the old timber framed buildings from outside a cafe in Zell…

The small octagonal tower with domed bellcote of St. Patrick’s Neo-Norman Roman Catholic Church, Spring street, Hull. – to be fair I just loved the scaffolding and ladders –  Sketch in biro, later digitally coloured.

Spring Street Church - Hull x


The Church on Spring Street had caught my eye way back on the way home from shopping, and I promised myself I’d get back and draw it, which I did this lunchtime… I threw some colour on in Photoshop just now from memory…

The church is just off Spring Bank, opposite the waste ground close to the Old Hull Truck… Yeah… the one with that excellent tree in the middle of it…

The building was designed circa 1905,with later additions c.1912, by Brodrick (there’s that name again), Lowther & Walker of Hull, who designed several buildings in and around Land of Green Ginger, Lowgate and Scale Lane.

I had (for Thought Bubble a couple of years back) overlaid a Paul Madonna style/inspired narrative onto this image and then printed a set of postcards of it.

Scan 7

The original sketch was done in black biro,

Scan 8

…whilst out with Btec students on their first ever observational drawing trip outside.

Students hanging out

I ran off a couple of other scrappy sketches and caught some of the students digging in and having a go.

Scan 5

…this last image of the Star & Garter on Portland Street (below) had potential, but time constraints meant I had to leave it, I’d like to go back and do it justice at some point.

Scan 6


Lisbon 001 xView across the Tagus (Tajo) towards Almada (and the Christ the King statue) from the fairly new outdoor seating area by Cais do Sodre. – 20/05/15

As part of a recent research project relating to Applied Games, I found myself in the fantastic city of Lisbon, Portugal (May 17th/21st, 2015).

Lisbon 002 xA view from below of the National Pantheon (upper left) at Campo de Santa Clara, drawn from Calçada do Cascão, and taking in Tv. Zaglo (down and to the right). – 20/05/15

Sun, cool breeze off the gulf stream, crazy winding streets, trams and vertical tram/elevators, palms and pavements made of stone as far as the eye can see… An incredibly beautiful city that I would want to return to some day.

Lisbon 003 xOne of the Elavador da Gloria, Funicular Trams (on Calçada da Gloria) as seen from where the Avenue da Liberdade meets Praça dos Restauradores. – 21/05/15

It was a really productive trip in terms of the real reasons I was there, plus I got to get a few decent drawings in.

Lisbon 005 xLooking up Rua do Salvador (Alfama) towards the Cafe do Electrico. – 20/05/15

Not enough for my liking, but I guess I feel the same about anywhere new that I get to.

Lisbon 004 xTram at night, in the Praça do Comércio, with Martinho do Arcada in the background – 18/05/15



I have recently been spending some time over in the HCUK Tower Block at Queens Gardens, and managed on a couple of occasions to be able to get of the beginnings of a couple of drawings…

This image looking south from the west side of the building… if you are a little lost as to what part of the city you are seeing, the little conical tower in the foreground belongs to >THIS< building.

View from QG Tower Block 001

…and this looking South-East from the East side windows.

View from QG Tower Block 002

…this is definitely a vantage point I need to take more advantage of.

Drawn July 7th 2012 from Trinity Square looking towards North Churchside… one of my favourite images of what I’ve found to be quite a troublesome subject (i.e. that “three stage bell tower topped with a copper dome and domed lantern”).

St Pauls Boxing Club Tower and Rumours

There is also a coloured version of this image that I produced as a limited run postcard print.

This earlier drawing (below) that features the same tower just doesn’t do it justice… though I do like the birds and the streetlamp.




A view looking down New Cross Street past the iconic Dock Offices (now the Maritime Museum) and The Yorkshire Penny Bank building (currently Neros Coffee) with its beautiful and distinctive corner tower and Cuppola, across Victoria Square towards the Dome and facade of Hull City Hall.

The Maritime MuseumDrawn 06/08/2011.